Amazon Prime is a special subscription service that provides members with a variety of services for one single fee. It has web series, movies, music, eBooks and much more to offer. Also, all these services are provided under one umbrella.

More and more people are now subscribing to Amazon prime because of its amazing benefits. You also get a 1 or 2-day free shipping on all the products you buy and also get the advantage of prime day sales.

These are some benefits of going for an Amazon Prime subscription:


An AMAZON Prime membership also comes with a video streaming component. You can watch the latest shows and movies and also catch up with prime originals as well.

Prime video has become very popular recently as some fantastic content which includes shows and new movies are continuously being streamed on it free for prime members.

Just like Netflix and Hotstar, Amazon Prime provides unlimited streaming of thousands of TV shows and movies that are very well made and have a class and a following of their own. Also unlike Netflix and other streaming option Amazon prime also provides a la carte rentals and purchase of the content it provides.

Many amazing series are available on Amazon Prime. Some of the best ones are:

  1. Mozart in the Jungle
  2. Mirzapur
  3. Made in Heaven
  4. Inside Edge
  5. Breathe
  6. LaakhonmeinEk and more

Also, new shows are added continuously on Amazon Prime Video.

This video feature of Amazon Prime has become very popular recently and all individuals who are interested to watch quality series and movies are going for Amazon Prime membership as the best part is that the shows continue to evolve and Amazon Prime knows the pulse of the Audience.

They know what kind of content the audience wants and provide exactly that. Some shows like Mirzapur have become runaway hits and rage and the audience is eagerly awaiting the second season of many shows including Mirzapur.

Also, these shows have been created and directed by well known and accomplished directors and also have a fantastic cast which shows up with brilliant performances the like of which has never been seen on video in India before.

Thus it makes complete sense in going for Amazon Prime as the video component will keep you entertained and satisfy as you enjoy all the new shows and movies and also you will get many more benefits as well.


Most individuals are fond of listening to good quality music be it Bollywood numbers or English songs which include pop, rap, rock, jazz and more. Thus by taking an Amazon Prime membership, you can listen to as many songs you like online and you do not have to pay extra for them too.

You also have the option of downloading some songs as well. You can choose songs or albums to stream or you can allow Amazon to suggest songs and create a customized profile to suit your tastes. Today there are more than 2 million songs to choose from and you can listen to unlimited music to your heart's content.

You can listen to the songs online and also if you wish you can download them for as long as your prime membership lasts and remains active.

There is also a new service launched by Amazon prime called Music Unlimited which gives you access to millions of songs and also weekly new releases.

Also if you own an Amazon Echo then you can pay a lower fee for this service but then you will be able to use this service only in your Echo.

If you want to stream songs on all your devices then you will have to pay a little bit extra for that service.

This is an amazing service especially for music lovers and they will not have to spend a fortune buying music online and they can use Amazon Prime music to listen to all their favorite songs all on one platform.

This makes this service great and amazing and you should surely go for it if you want to listen to all the latest hits and albums without making a hole in your pocket.

This service packs a punch and is a great service provided by Amazon for all its prime members.

  • READ

According to Amazon, there are more than 1 million books available in the Kindle lending library. Also, you can check whether the book qualifies by simply searching for it on the kindle device, Kindle app or the Amazon website. If they are available you will then see a prime logo which appears next to it

You can borrow the book for a month and read as many books as you want.

This is a great service for avid readers as they can simply borrow the book and don’t have to purchase them and this is especially great for books which are expensive.

You will also get the option of purchasing books at a special discount which is only for prime members. Thus you benefit by borrowing for free and you benefit by purchasing at a discount and thus you win both ways.

Books give knowledge, information, and wisdom and there is nothing better than a book as a companion. You learn a lot and get new perspectives, thus Amazon prime has started this service especially for book lovers and they are having a blast as this service comes free with Amazon.

As more and more individuals and avid book readers purchase the Kindle device and read ebooks on them this trend is catching up soon and by subscribing to Amazon Prime you can read to your heart's content and take full advantage of this special feature of Amazon Prime. Apart from that, you will also get great discounts on books and e-books and you can read as much as you want for a small fee.


  • SHIP

When you subscribe to Amazon prime you also get many shipping benefits as well. First of all, is free 2-day shipping on eligible items for specific addresses and pin codes. For more information on this, you can go to Amazon Prime shipping benefits.

Also for some pin codes, there is a free same-day delivery option also available. This is a great service on 2 fronts. First, you get free unlimited shipping with no shipping costs and secondly you get free 1 or 2 days guaranteed shipping. This is a great feature as you do not have to wait for the product for long and it will reach your doorsteps quick and fast.

Also, you can take advantage of Prime Pantry where prime members can access low priced groceries and household items. You just have to pay a little bit extra per month in addition to your Prime membership subscription. You also get free shipping for orders over a minimum price. This is a great service as the customers save a lot on their daily needs and also get free shipping too.

Also, there is a prime now service in select cities where Amazon offers one hour delivery on thousands of products from local stores.

Thus you get many shipping advantages as well with Amazon Prime service as well. And it is well worth the subscription.

  • SHOP on Amazon Prime

You get many shopping benefits with Amazon prime. First of all, you get special and exclusive deals and also you get priority access to certain sales and products. Apart from that, there are the prime days and on these days there are special discounts on only for prime members.

Thus by taking an Amazon Prime membership, you gain a lot as your primary access to jaw-dropping offers and you also get free shipping and special discounts as an add on.


Thus as we can see that Amazon prime is simply an amazing product and service as you get multiple benefits all for a small fee. This service is specifically more advantageous to those individuals who shop a lot and also want to watch and view new and brilliant web series and movies for free with prime.

Also if you want quick 1 day or 2-day deliveries then again Prime is excellent for you and if you like music then also you will get unlimited music streaming for yourself through this service.

Apart from that, you get free shipping on all your orders. You also get many shopping benefits like special prime days and early prime access. Thus overall Amazon Prime is a great service and the subscription is well worth it as you get multiple benefits all for a very small fee.

Be it video, music, books or shopping. Amazon Prime is a great subscription that has it all.

Published on: Aug 19, 2019