Amazon Sale

Amazon Sale - Amazon is one of the most popular E-commerce platforms. It has a wide customer base and many individuals from across the globe shop from Amazon regularly.

Although there are offers on most of the time on Amazon there are also special sale events and customers should be aware of them to take full advantage of them.

If you are planning to buy an expensive gadget or a utility item then it makes complete sense in waiting for the various Amazon Sale events.

There are many sale events on Amazon throughout the year and these are some of them which are coming in the second half of 2020:


Amazon almost always has great deals on its products no matter which time of the year it is. Some of the best deals come on Fridays. These are some great and regular discounts which will help you get the best products at greatly discounted prices.

These are some of the different types of Discounts offered by Amazon regularly:


Many different coupons are available on Amazon’s coupons page and if you are planning to buy something on discount under a certain specific category then these coupons are very beneficial. There is a vast variety of products under discount in different categories and you can always take advantage of the various special coupons which are available on Amazon’s coupons page.


These are special deals which last only for a few hours and even less than a day. They keep changing on a daily basis. Also, these deals are limited to only one item per customer and the deal lasts till the stock lasts.

These special lightning deals can be found throughout the Amazon website and also on the Gold Box page.


This Amazon sale usually lasts more than a day and is for a longer period than the deal of the day offer and in case you are looking for an extended sale period then this offer is for you.

The length of this sale is varied and thus you should carefully read the fine print before deciding on buying the product. The products can range from Amazon Kindle to books and more.


This is only a one day sale and lasts for only 24 hours. The sale can be on a specific range of products from the same category. The discounts can be on electronic items, gadgets and more. The sale expires in 24 hours and thus if you want to buy something which you have been planning for a long time then this is the time to go for it. Also, limited quantities of the products are available per customer.

To find out more you should visit the Amazon Deal of the Day page to look for the offers and recent promotions.


If you are a shopaholic and buy regularly from Amazon then you should definitely sign up for Amazon Prime membership. Amazon prime also includes free 2-day shipping on a selected range of products. Also prime includes unlimited streaming of video and music and also early access to lightning deals on Amazon with many more benefits as well. The fee is also not very expensive and is definitely worth the money.

You can also go for a 30 days trial membership and experience prime for yourself. Also as an added advantage, you get a special discount on Amazon Prime days as well.


Amazon is the biggest and greatest market place on the internet and you should definitely take advantage of the many offers and special discounts which Amazon comes up within regular periods of time.

We all want a good deal and the discounts on Amazon are exactly what the doctor ordered. You can get a great quality original product at great discounts and save a lot of your hard-earned money.

Thus you should definitely wait for the sales and then buy all your product only then. Thus you can control your expenses and all your shopping needs will be met with.

Also, you don’t have to visit other shopping sites as you get the best products at prices all at one place-AMAZON.

To avail, these discounts all you need to do is to visit Amazon while the sale is on and get awesome deals and great coupons and shop your heart out.


Branded and quality products always have an edge over local products. But many times our pocket does not allow us to go for these good quality branded products and thus we have to compromise. The best part of the Amazon Sale events is that you can get the best quality products at very reasonable and discounted prices. Thus it makes complete sense in waiting for the Amazon events as that will help you get the best deals at the best prices.

Also if you want to use your debit or credit card for shopping then you can avail of great offers like 10 percent off on the already discounted prices and you can squeeze the maximum discounts out of them. You can also go for an EMI option for high ticket products and get the best quality products for yourself. You can avail of these offers in case you use HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, SBI, or Citi Bank.

Thus it makes complete sense to shop using your Debit and Credit card as you get great discounts and offers on using them while shopping on Amazon.

We all have our bucket list and there are many products in it which we just can’t afford. Well, the Amazon Sale event is the best time to go for some products from your bucket list. Be it an iPhone or a Mac Book or any other expensive product, in the Amazon sale, you will get great discounts and the EMI options as well.


The Independence Sale or the Amazon Great Indian Sale

Independence day is one of the most celebrated and enjoyable days for Indians. Along with the rich history and heritage, it comes with it is a day to celebrate India’s Independence and thus all countrymen are in a jolly mood, and what better celebration than to go for that great gadget or accessory during the independence day. Whatever you buy on this great day you will always remember it in the days to come.

Amazon offers discounts on almost all products on this sale event and this is the biggest sale event to hit the Indian online marketplace. The discounts are up to 80 percent and you can buy many products from your wishlist on this day. You can also get great discounts and offers and can enjoy shopping online on Amazon thoroughly.

These discounts you get are genuine and you should quickly buy the product before the stocks run out. Buying that special product from your wishlist will make your Independence day more grand and celebratory.

·The AMAZON RakshaBandhan Sale

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all across India and is a very special day especially for brothers and sisters. On this day sisters buy a rakhi on the brother’s wrist and the brother takes an oath of protecting the sister throughout her life.

Also, this is a great occasion for exchanging gifts and making emotional deposits in the hearts of each other.

There are great discounts on gadgets, accessories, apparel, books, and gift items on Amazon this time of the year.

You can definitely buy the best quality products and get discounts of up to 40 percent on many products. Thus you can make your sister feel special and make her day with a special gift or a cell phone.

·The AMAZON Navratras Sale

Navratras are a special time for all Indians and it is considered to be a special occasion for all Indians. The entire Hindu community waits for the Navratras every year as these days are considered to be special and auspicious.

During this time Amazon comes up with fantastic offers and a mind-blowing sale where you can purchase anything and everything at a great discount. Also, it is considered auspicious to buy things for the home in the Navratras and thus you can shop your heart out and buy furniture, utensils, clothes, gadgets, and many more items at greatly discounted prices.

·The AMAZON Great Indian Festival Sale

This sale starts on 29th September and lasts till 2nd October and must say it is one of the greatest Amazon sales. You can buy almost anything and everything on discount on these days but you must act fast as the entire country is shopping on Amazon and there are limited stocks and thus you should take full advantage of this sale.

It is also considered auspicious and a good omen to buy things for yourself and your house on these special days.

·The AMAZON Great Indian Diwali Sale

Diwali is considered the most auspicious and special period of the year, especially by the Indian community and people, want to celebrate and have fun at this beautiful festival which is also known as the festival of lights.

You can get never before offers and can save a lot of money and tick many items off your bucket list on this sale.

You can buy jewelry, clothes, gadgets, dry fruits, and more from Amazon, all at heavily discounted prices, and thus you can have a ball while shopping and shop till your heart’s content.

·The AMAZON Dussehra Sale

Dussehra is also a very special day for Hindus and Indians. Amazon comes out with fantastic offers and great deals on this day and thus you can save a lot of money and also feel festive while buying products on this day.

Indians wait the entire year to buy products on this special day which marks the end of evil and the victory of the virtuous.

You will get great offers on almost all products and you can shop till you drop as the prices hit an all-time low in these festive days.

·The Amazon Dhanteras Sale

Dhanteras is the most auspicious time of the year to buy things for the house. Hindus wait the entire year for this special day. It is believed that goddess Laxshmi blesses all those who buy things for the home on this auspicious day.

There are great discounts on offers on almost all products and you can also buy gold and silver jewelry and coins at discounted prices.

You can also buy utensils, electronic items, and gadgets for the home, and these are all considered auspicious.


Diwali is the most important festival for the Hindus and Indians and thus many individuals wait for Diwali to buy gadgets, clothes, and other goods. It is considered auspicious to buy things for the home on Diwali as it is the main festival for the Hindus.

On Diwali you will get great offers at never before prices and the discounts are humongous, almost unbelievable. The prices will blow your mind away as they are heavily discounted and you can shop till you drop on the special occasion of Diwali.

·The AMAZON Electronic Sale

This is the best time to buy gadgets and electronics for your home. You will get great discounts on refrigerators, TV’s, Washing Machines, mobiles, and other electronic items on this day. You will get never before heard of discounts and even Amazon’s KINDLE and ALEXA speakers will be on discount.

·The AMAZON Year-End Sale

This sale starts in the last week of December and is basically a stock clearance sale and thus you can get some great discounts in this sale.

Also as the New Year comes closer you can stock your supplies for the coming year and buy things you always wanted at highly discounted prices.

·The AMAZON Christmas Sale

Santa comes through AMAZON this Christmas to gift you great products at greatly discounted prices. Christmas is also one of the important festivals celebrated in India and thus there are many products on offer.

You can enjoy and celebrate Christmas by buying supplies from Amazon at discounted prices and make it a memorable affair.

Thus you can be an intelligent shopper and buy all your requirements whenever the specific Sale is on so that you make the most of your buck and are able to save money and buy quality products both at the same time.

Published on: Aug 9, 2019