Apr 21, 2020
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There are many startups which have mushroomed recently and it is good for business. More companies mean more competitors and more competitors mean better products and that translates to customer delight.

Although most startups are tight on funds still there are many ways in which they can take advantage of digital marketing as there are many reasonable ways of digital marketing as well.

These are some ways in which startups can make the best possible use of Digital Marketing strategies:


Social Media marketing is one of the best ways of digital marketing, especially for startups. Nowadays almost all internet users use social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can place specifically targeted ads on these social networking sites and engage and attract users to your product or service. SMM is a very effective way of digital marketing as the customer is already interested in the product and you just have to lead him to your webpage through an ad.


Even if you have a great website and product if you are not visible you miss out on customers. With so many websites vying for the top spots on search engines, it becomes very difficult and almost impossible to be spotted without SEO.

Most users will not go beyond the third or fourth page in the web search and that is why SEO is critical as it helps your website appear on the first few pages by instilling relevant keywords in your website content. An SEO is a critical part of Digital Marketing and any Campaign is incomplete without SEO.


Google AdWords is a trusted and effective way of digital marketing and advertising. The ads which appear on websites and on search pages are molded according to the target audience and the keywords with which the user has searched the search engine. The best part with PPC or pay per click ads is that you only pay when the customer clicks on your ad or link and thus you save a lot of money on useless clicks.

Being a startup you are short on funds and you definitely want to make the most of your buck and PPC is the best way to advertise and market your product or service.


When visitors and customers are finally on your website or blog, you can give them an option of Newsletter Subscriptions through Email. This helps them stay in touch with you and also updates them about the new products and services on offer. Customers can also be informed about discounts and offers and that can tremendously shoot up your sales helping you meet your targets.

As a startup, you have to make the most of your money and through Email marketing, you can send bulk emails and get in touch with all your customers in one go. This is very reasonable and almost free and also a very effective way of marketing for startups.


Today people are more connected to each other than they ever were. Thanks to the internet and social media, the entire world has become interconnected. Today word of mouth is critical to a business’s success, also positive reviews and testimonials go a long way in creating a brand’s image and attracting customers to the brand and the products.

The best way to take advantage of influencer marketing is to create a very qualitative product or service so that the customers are not just satisfied but also delighted. Then they will automatically write great reviews about the product and help you become popular by word of mouth. This is one of the best digital marketing strategies and leads to customer delights which in turn means more customers and more profit


Today ‘Content is King’ and by posting good quality content which is current and relevant with the right keywords can make all the difference in getting a high search engine ranking and also excelling in Search Engine Optimization.

It is a very good idea to invest in good quality content and hire a content specialist to write content for your website or company so that the attractive content attracts the eyeballs of the customers and they get interested in your product and brand.


The mind thinks in pictures and they say ‘pictures speak louder than words’ and thus a video ad has a far greater impact than a banner or any other simple ad. Video advertising is catching up and although it is little expensive companies are going with it because it gives fantastic results.

Also, pictures and tag lines stay in your mind for a longer time and make a greater impact on the customer’s psyche thus creating a need and a desire for your brand and product in the customer’s mind.

As a Startup, video advertising should be used sparingly as it is quite expensive but still it should be used as much as possible so as to get the digital marketing advantage.


Just creating and spending on ads is not good enough. You also have to have an impressive website or blog with all the relevant keywords so that the customer gets a good looking, simple, and easy to navigate website once he enters your webpage. Try to avoid flash and Video as they take time to load and use attractive colors but the colors should not be too loud. Also, you can post testimonials and positive reviews of your products on the website.

If the customer likes your site he will definitely come back and this will be great for your business and he will also spread the word through word of mouth and you will become an overnight success. It is absolutely critical for a startup to have a great website as that is your shop online and you want to provide the customer with delight and exceed his expectations. Digital Marketing is absolutely incomplete without a great website or webpage.


Thus by using all these digital marketing strategies and spreading their advertising and marketing budget vast a startup can definitely make a name for itself without spending too much money and investing in intelligent advertising.

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