Apr 21, 2020
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Link building is simply a process of getting other websites and pages to link back to your own website. Link building has become big recently as all businesses and marketers have taken note of its effectiveness and have shown a keen interest in building links to improve on the website’s authority and also to drive referral traffic.


Backlinks are an important and critical factor in how search engines determine the website rank for which keywords. Moreover, Google and other search engine algorithms are continuously evolving and very complex and backlinks are one important factor through which they rank pages.

In the SEO process, link building plays a key role as backlinks are an indication and a signal to the search engine that your site is qualitatively superior and well worthy of mention. Thus websites with an increased number of backlinks always rank high.


Like in any other business promotion strategy even in SEO there is a right way to link building and there is a wrong or crooked way of doing it. If want to be a horse of a long race and like to maintain the credibility and authenticity of your website and business you should carry out only natural link building.

Natural link building involves the process of earning links and not just buying or manipulating them through what is known as Black-hat SEO which can also lead to the banning of your website from the search results.

Although natural link building is a tough, problematic and challenging process, not to mention the time it takes to carry it out, still this is the best and most authentic way of driving traffic to your site.

Moreover one should also keep in mind that not all links are created equal. Popular websites like the Wall Street Journal will have a higher rank than smaller and newer websites, but that should not discourage new businesses and sites as this is a long term process and it will surely pay dividends in the long run.


Search engines consider natural links while they rank their pages and links are one of the most important and organic ways of doing it.

Webmasters can easily improve and enhance the search rank of their websites by increasing and improving upon the number of high-quality sites that link to their web pages on their websites.

Also, link popularity is another factor that search engines like Google look at while determining the page rank and search ranking.

Some other important factors considered by search engines in reference to quality links are:

  • The linking pages should be trustworthy and authoritative
  • The website should have carried out an extensive SEO and should have qualitative content
  • The Anchor Text of the incoming links.

The bottom line is that search engines like Google say that you can get an enhanced and good page rank for the keywords targeted if you are able to get good qualitative external websites to link to your web pages.


Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the popularity and search engine ranking of your website and Link building is a very critical and important part of an SEO. Link building helps to improve on your site’s popularity and helps in improving direct referrals and search engine ranking.

The search engine website crawler revisits the site who’s ranking in the search engine is high. You can test this for yourself by putting your site link on a high ranking site and the results will be visible in 24 hours due to indexation.


  • You should, first of all, submit your site manually to all popular search engines and don’t go for automated submissions as they are not so effective.
  • The next step is to list your site on Open Directory Projects like yahoo.com, this will boost your link popularity and also increase and enhance your ranking on other search engines.
  • Concentrate on high-quality content and good websites will take notice and will definitely put your link on their websites. Your content should be unique and authentic, simple and precise and most importantly interesting and attractive
  • Build relations with webmasters and offer reciprocal links putting your links on their websites.

  • It is also a good idea to take part in a link exchange program. Contact the top 20 sites which are in the same business and create an understanding of reciprocal links.
  • You can also join forums and post your link there if the administrator does not have any objection to hosting your web link. This is also a good way of increasing popularity and SEO.
  • You can submit your site to bookmark sites like Slashdot and dig after going through their spam policy.
  • Also, it is a good idea to create a blog which is linked to your website and keep posting relevant and good quality content and articles on it and also post references of your links within that article
  • Create forums, Blogs, and Newsletters and keep the visitors on your site engaged with online chat, etc. Also, the content on your site should be top class.

Thus by using all of the above techniques you can definitely increase the ranking of your website on search engines and initiate a successful SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, these techniques will make your website popular and successful and will definitely help you to turn your business successful.

Link building is critical to any SEO success because it is through the keywords and the links that the traffic is organically diverted to your site. Today the online game is all about visibility and whosoever is visible will get the business. Thus the customer should become aware of your website and then he should be engaged on it and finally, this should convert into a monetary transaction and a win-win situation for the customer and the company.

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