ShopClues is a popular e-commerce site and an online marketplace which is owned by Clues Network Pvt. Ltd. ShopClues was founded in July 2011 in Silicon Valley by Sandeep Aggarwal, Radhika Aggarwal, and Sanjay Sethi.

ShopClues is based out of Gurgaon in India. According to the company they have more than 6 lakh merchants and more than 2.8 crore products on offer on its platform. ShopClues serves over 32,000 pin codes all across India.

 it's valued at US$1.1 BILLION AND HAS Helion Ventures, Tiger Global, and Nexus Venture Partners as their major investors.

ShopClues provides genuine and quality products at very reasonable and highly discounted prices. They have their Band of Trust. Also, there is an easy return policy and a replacement policy too. Shopping on ShopClues is an absolute pleasure as you get the best and top quality products at throwaway prices. This is the reason why in a very short period of time ShopClues has made a name for itself as a dependable and the best e-commerce and online shopping site in India.

The discounts on ShopClues are absolutely awesome and the prices are lowest online, thus more and more people are shopping from ShopClues and fulfilling their dream of buying their dream products without making a hole in their pockets.

So much is available on ShopClues and that too for so less that it is almost unbelievable. Because of economies of scale ShopClues is able to present customers with outstandingly awesome and low prices and thus the customer is not just satisfied but also delighted.

Moreover, the sales are always on shop clues and thus the customer gets the best and the lowest price always. No matter what you want to buy, you will get it on ShopClues for the least possible price and you will also get only genuine products with return and replacement guarantee.

Let us now have a look at the different categories of products available on ShopClues:


There is a huge variety of products available for women on ShopClues. In ethnic wear, there are Kurtis, kurtas, sarees, lehengas, dress material, churidar, and leggings which are available at highly discounted prices.

In western wear, there are tops, tees, dresses, jeans, t-shirts, trousers and skirts which are available at never before discounted prices.

Next, in footwear, you get sandals, flats, heels, floaters, flip flops, boots, sports shoes, and casual shoes.

In the jewelry section, there are necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, gold jewelry, silver jewelry, diamond jewelry, mangal sutra, and more.

Also, all kinds of women’s watches are also available. There are budget watches and branded watches. Watches are available for every occasion and budget on ShopClues.

The next section is beauty and perfumes where you will get makeup kits, lipsticks, hair care, personal care, grooming products, bath essential, woman hygiene, and grooming appliances.

Also available is a huge range of perfumes and deodorants.

Also, there is a bag section where you can get backpacks, laptop bags, purses, handbags, clutches, and gym bags.


Under men’s clothing, there are shirts, t-shirts, trousers-formal and casual, casual shirts, jeans, capris, jackets, ethnic wear, winter wear, innerwear, and sleepwear. All these products are available for very reasonable and highly discounted prices.

In the footwear section, you have sandals, floaters, flip flops, leather sandals, office shoes, casual shoes, boots, and ethnic footwear.

Next is the men's watches section where you will get branded watches, budget watches, couple watches, and smartwatches, and more all at huge discounts.

Also, there is a jewelry section where you get chains, pendants, rings, bracelets, silver jewelry, and gold chains as well.

Then there are fragrances and deodorants which are also available. Apart from that, there is a grooming section as well where you get beard oils, hair care products, trimmers and shavers, shaving kits, bath essentials, oral care, skin care, and much much more.

Sunglasses and spectacles are also available for highly discounted and low prices on ShopClues.

Apart from that, there is also an accessories section that has wallets, belts, socks, caps, winter accessories, and more.

There is also a section for bags and luggage where you will get laptop bags, backpacks, purses, gym bags and trolleys, and more.


Here you will get almost all brands of the mobile phone starting from 600 rupees. Also, you can get refurbished phones at throwaway prices. You can also buy smartphones and unboxed mobiles. Also, you will get cases and covers and also screen guards in this section.

You will also get selfie sticks, mobile holders, cables, and adapters as well. You will also get Bluetooth speakers, headphones, Bluetooth headsets, radio, and karaoke.

Also, get computer accessories like keyboards, mouse, laptop bags, USB gadgets, and laptop speakers. Apart from that, you can also get pen drives and memory cards.

Under home entertainment, there are home theatre systems, Boom Box, soundbars, and more.

Also, other categories include TV’s, laptops, and cameras as well.

Apart from these categories, there are also SPORTS, HOME AND KITCHEN, and KIDS section and you can shop till you drop from these sections.


The best part about ShopClues is that the discounts are always on and you do not have to wait for the festive season to shop all items from your bucket list. The discounts are genuine and the more you spend the more you will save.

In recent years ShopClues has struck a chord with the masses and the company is growing by the day. This is mainly because of their economies of scale approach.

Surely ShopClues has become the best place to shop online today and the entire country is buying from ShopClues for all their basic and luxury needs.

It is kind of unbelievable the amounts of discounts available on ShopClues and you can buy till your heart’s content without making a hole in your pocket.
Thus whatever you want to buy if you want the best deal then you should definitely head to ShopClues.

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