Dating is easier than ever with WeMatcher new live cam feature

Except you have been living under a rock for the past five years, everyone knows the concept of dating is moving past the old, 'normal' meetups.

Dating is easier than ever with WeMatcher new live cam feature

Dating is easier than ever with WeMatcher new live cam feature.

Except you have been living under a rock for the past five years, everyone knows the concept of dating is moving past the old, 'normal' meetups.  There are numerous dating sites available that seek better ways to bring models and 'admirers' together. One such dating platform is WeMatcher.

The WeMatcher platform entertains millions of visitors to its site every day and connects thousands of people to share a romantic time. Recently, it just added a new feature that will improve modeling and dating, live video.

Making live videos and webcam is a better way to date because.

Through the front cams attached to your mobile/tablet/computer, you can now start a live broadcast with hundreds to thousands of people. The more people visit your channel, the more money you make by the likes on your video. Each (Love Emoji) is worth 250 WM, which can be converted to green bills from their platform.

You do not have to meet up

Scheduling dates can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming. With live cam chats, you do not have to make appointments to see anyone; you guys can share moments as much online. Also, cam dating saves you unnecessary expenses.

Date from anywhere in the world

Online dating improves your 'date field,' especially with a live video option. Research shows that video chats can improve romance by more than 80% between lovers.  Many models on WeMatcher get admirers in Sydney, London, Brazil, Prague, and so on. You can also use LIVE STREAMING FEATURE from HERE.

You even earn more

As a webcam model, you will get to earn more with the new feature. For every (love emoji) you get during your live sessions, 250 WM is credited to your WeMatcher account. Sandra, a cam model, gets over 1000 viewers per session. In 5 minutes, she claims to receive over 2000 likes on her videos, do the math!

Far more convenient than sex chatting

Even though sex chatting still very much in use led the way to the use of live videos, it is not as convenient as sharing 'pokes' grins, stares, and naughty laughter over the cam. Most times, a deep gaze is just all a moment needs to bring out the spark.

Better on WeMatcher than other sites

Compared feature by feature, the live video option on WeMatcher is more fun compared to sites like Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and many other apps. You can exchange gifts, meet more people, and broadcast to many people at once.

Also, after 15 minutes of constant live videos, you can convert your live video session to a paid session. Your viewers must pay to renew their access to your video session. The money (WM) goes directly into your WeMatcher credits.

For aspiring cam models, WeMatcher is the place to be, it is free to register on WeMatcher, unlike many other sites. The platform is easy to navigate and quick to start earning money.

Anita, a cam model at WeMatcher, is a part-time model who works at a big modeling firm but did not get the big break she had been hoping for. Fast forward five years later, she pulls a massive audience of about 2000 viewers per session and a monthly view of 100 000 hours of view.  And get over 200 likes in one hour, which would amount 50 000 WM in one hour.

Tips on how to go Live on WeMatcher

Going live on WeMatcher is as simple as it can get any other place. It is as easy as going live on TikTok, Instagram, and any other live media channel. Though, when it comes to going live, some people are more ‘natural’ than others.

Of course, to be a cam model, you need loads of confidence. People do not like a person who is jittery or dull in a live video, and they will not hesitate to exit.

To make the Live videos enjoyable, which you can try HERE, there are some little tips you must watch out for.

Pick a comfortable, well-lit but quiet room

Hold your WeMatcher live chats in an area you are comfortable; your surrounding does a lot to your mood than you can imagine. The room/area should also be well lit so that your audience can also get a good look at you throughout the conversations.

Smile Often; it makes you more gorgeous.

Always remember that during a Live Video, your facial expressions will mean as much (or more) than words. Smile to your audience or date often; it shows that you are enjoying the chat and his company. Smiling also accentuates your beauty and expels awkward silences.

Practice before your show if you must

Whether with a mirror or making a mock video call to friends, find a way to get over your cold feet.  Practice can reduce your tendency to make blunders or embarrassing shows. Ask friends to listen to you talk and compose yourself over the Live video.

Keep it simple and real

You do not have to over-do yourself trying to please your audience; just try to be you. Show people the real Steff, San, Jill, Mary, Jane, Cass, or whoever is in you. Keep conversations light when needed and vice –versa if you feel up to it.

You could even show your date a part of your life, like introducing him/her to your pet, talking about your day, or invite him to a ‘cam dinner’.

Strike up interests with your date

If it’s a one-on-one cam date, then it won’t hurt to know a thing or two about your date. You could ask him about casual topics, anything that keeps the conversation moving.

You could also remind your audience to hit the like button if they are enjoying your live session. It is what makes the WeMatcher Live feature so cool.

Wrapping Up

Live videos make dating a whole lot easier; you cannot even imagine the stress that this new feature removes from dating. Many cam models have started testing this feature already, and they are thrilled with how well they are doing.

Visitors to the dating platform are not left out of this 'blessing.' This platform is seeing a whopping 30% increase in traffic since adding this new feature, which means a larger audience for the models.

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