Apr 21, 2020
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Fashion changes every year and every season. This season is no different and there are some trends which are ruling the roost and are very ‘in’ this season. Be it leopard prints or polka dots, or plaid or plastic wearables this season has it all and you can have a lot of fun wearing and trying out the various trends which are in vogue this season. Moreover, the advent of Yellow as a great wearable stark color has taken everyone by surprise, and yellow has become the hottest color this season for sure.

These are 10 must-know Fashion trends in the USA:


Floral prints are definitely back in Vogue. With flowers and leaves of different shapes, sizes, and colors the variety in floral prints is enormous. The trick is to match the colors of your lowers with the floral tops. Back in the 60,s floral prints were the ‘it’ thing and they are back with a bang with many fashion designers across the world who are designing and promoting floral prints.

  • The fannypack IS BACK AGAIN

Fanny pack was once considered a taboo accessory but it is back with a bang with celebrities like A$AP Rocky, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid adorning it. A fanny pack is a cool accessory and much easier to carry as compared to a bag or a purse. You can wear it as a belt or you can sling it over your shoulders anyways it looks cool and hip. You can use it to store your camera or your make-up accessories and also your money. The best part is it is lightweight and easy to carry which makes it the ideal purse alternative accessory.


Designers like Calvin Klein to Valentino and Chanel are going big on plastic with all of them designing plastic wearables, be it to protect you from the rain or to add glamour to your style quotient. Today plastic is definitely fantastic and almost all the best designers from around the globe are designing plastic dresses. Plastic footwear and upper wear are definitely ‘the thing’ of the season and it is the most preferred dress material to complement your clothes and gives a retro and a futuristic feel too.


Yes, denim is back again and this time it is darker shades which are in vogue. Be it dark blue or black or dark brown these dark shades are catching the fancy of designers and fashion freaks all over the world.

Be it classic jeans to two-piece sets, and structured dresses denim in all its shapes and colors is ruling the roost this season. Denim is a universal accessory and has a great following. Denim jeans are supposedly the most widely adorned fashion accessory, but today denim is not limited to jeans, there are denim tops and jackets and also denim capris and caps. All these together make a great fashion combo and definitely make a style statement.


Gucci, Tod’s, and Louis Vuitton are coming out with designer workout wear. With the entire world going health conscious there is a great demand for designer workout wear. People want to look good and fashionable even while they are working out and thus this trend is catching up.

Be it expensive designer sports shoes or sweatshirts or leggings, fashion and fitness are going hand in hand this season. Designer track pants and jackets are also very hot this season and adding a headband only adds to that ‘I love gyming look’.


Checked jackets, leggings, overcoats, boots, and tops are back with a bang. Plaid has just taken over Instagram this season and there is a reason for it. The checked fabric was earlier used only for shirts and jackets but today you find it all over the body, from boots to leggings and caps, Gucci, Tod’s, and Louis Vuitton belts and skirts, plaid is everywhere. Pairing a plaid coat with a single-colored dress has become the new fashion trend and surely it is not going away anytime soon.


Art is very wearable this 2018. From Warhol inspired pieces to cartoon characters, everybody is into art wear this season. Art as a wearable is funky, chic, and very ‘in’. It makes you look colorful and interesting and adds a quirky glam quotient to your look, thus it makes for a perfect pair of leggings or a multicolored t-shirt or top which is sure to catch eyeballs and make you stand out from the crowd.


Many top designers are using polka dots in their wearables and it is no longer the mickey mouse shaped dots that are in vogue, now designers are experimenting with small and very large polka dots as well although their favored colors remain black and red. Polka dots are definitely eye candy and make you the center of attention no matter where you are. Especially if they are embossed on white tops or leggings they make the ideal fashion statements. Also, polka dots handbags are also catching up as a hip and happening trend.


Yellow has become a hot color this season with models flaunting yellow leggings, yellow tops and overcoats, and yellow shirts.   it’s definitely a bright color and does catch eyeballs and makes people take notice and this funky color has caught the fancy of designers and the general public this season with Instagram overflowing with youngsters flaunting everything yellow form yellow caps to skirts to tops to coats. Yellow is here and is definitely the color of the season.


The leopard print is a classic print and it is definitely making a comeback this season. Be it leopard print gloves which keep you warm, or be it leopard skin leggings they are all very in this season.

Designers Dolce &Gabanna tapped into the wild side this season with loads of leopard prints and they are sure that these prints are here to stay.

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