Flipkart Sale - Flipkart is definitely the market leader in online shopping. It is the best e-commerce site in the country and rolls out genuine sales where you can benefit in many ways by buying the products of your choice and that too at a heavy discount.

All shopaholics wait patiently and look forward to Flipkart sale. This is because on these special occasions and special days Flipkart provides its customers with never before offers which are almost unbelievable and too good to be true.

Thus it makes complete sense to wait for the Flipkart sale so that you can splurge and spend and enjoy heavy discounts on all range of products including gadgets, accessories, utilities and more.

You get many benefits by shopping on Flipkart sale days. You have cashback offers and heavy discounts on almost all products.

Thus you can easily go for that dream iPad or that dream watch which you had been waiting for for a long time. Also, you can get an easy no-cost EMI option on your Debit or Credit card. Moreover, there are also cashback offers by using your Debit or credit card to shop.

There are so many exciting offers on Flipkart sale days that you will be spoilt for choice. You should collect your money and wait for the Flipkart sale and buy only on these days as you end up saving a lot of money and you can buy all your dream products at excitingly low prices.

Flipkart sale is the biggest online sale event and the entire country throngs to the Flipkart site these days to take advantage of the fantastic Flipkart sale.

Thus if you have been waiting long for that iPhone or that high-end laptop, then this is the time when you should go for it as you will get easy EMI options and also heavy discounts and also flat discounts on using some bank cards to pay as well.

The Flipkart sale is the most genuine online sale. There are no gimmicks involved. It is an actual and real sale and you can shop till you drop and realize all your fancies on the Flipkart sale.

These are the different types of offers and discounts offered by Flipkart on Flipkart sale days:


These discounts are amazing discounts where you have flat 40 percent to flat 80 percent off. These are genuine discounts and are akin to stock clearing sales.

You will be spoilt for choice as you go for great products at great prices with a flat discount.

You have discounts on electronic gadgets including Televisions, Refrigerators, AC’s, laptops, mobiles, tablets and more and you get the best quality products at flat discounts and never before prices.

Thus if you have a goal to buy that expensive gadget or accessory but are unable to afford it then this is your chance and you can grab the product of your choice along with an amazing discount.

These sales and offers are especially for shopping fanatics who can shop till they drop as there are so many products to choose from and all of them have an amazing 30 to 80 percent discount on them.

Thus you should hurry and grab hold of your dream product till the Flipkart sale lasts as fir sure you will not get that product at such a low price ever again and you will have to wait for the next year to buy the product.

If you are a shopaholic then this is your chance. Just go for the offers and stock up products that you need for a year and sale thousands of rupees by going for this amazing Flipkart sale.


There is a 10 percent instant discount on many cards available on select products and also you can get cashback from rupees 3000 to 5000.

These offers are valid for credit and debit cards of many banks like Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, or Citi Bank and more.

You should thus choose to buy through your card so that you can avail of the maximum discount and also avail the extra cashback which comes with your purchase.

Who doesn’t want to save money while shopping online and by using these credit and debit cards you end up saving a lot of money which you can then use to buy other products?

Thus it is advisable to use your credit and debit cards for payments as that will save you a lot of money and will also get you an extra discount.

Definitely, a Sauvé shopper will want to get the best deal and this is an opportunity for him to shop till he drops by using his credit and debit cards as payment options.


Also, a great part about the Flipkart sale is that there are exchange options for cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, TVs, kitchen appliances and more. You can get rid of your old gadgets and then get a great discount on a new gadget.

Thus you unclutter your home and fill it up with new gadgets which are the latest and most efficient.

This is a great chance to get the best price and discount for your used gadgets as if you sell them somewhere else then you will definitely not get a fair price for it. But on Flipkart sale, you get the best exchange deals and you really end up saving a lot of money and get new gadgets for your home.


If you do not want to spend a lot of money at one go then you can also avail a no-cost EMI for buying your products.

This is especially beneficial for high ticket products like expensive mobiles and laptops. You can very easily pay back in low-cost EMI’s and the monthly payment will be low and will not make a hole in your pocket all the while when you are enjoying using your new awesome mobile and laptop and by the time you know it all the EMI’s have been cleared and you have your gadget and it does not even cost you anything extra.

EMI’s are a great way to pay for expensive products and they can save you from the Hassel of spending a lump sum which might hurt your pocket.

This is the best way to shop and you can buy all the gadgets at no cost EMI’s and pay monthly installments which do not hurt you financially.

Also if you don’t have a credit card then you can also get an EMI option on your Debit card as well.

Cards of all major banks are acceptable and qualify for the EMI option and it is available on both debit and credit cards.

Thus you get the benefit of EMI and with the no-cost EMI you don’t even end up paying extra for your purchase.


The Flipkart sale is not just restricted to Cashbacks and heavy discounts. It is also about winning prizes. There are many quizzes organized by Flipkart before the sales and you stand a chance of winning great prizes by participating in these contests.

Also, the top spenders on Flipkart stand a chance to win great prizes and also free trips abroad with additional discounts.

September end and October are the months for big sales on Flipkart. There are 3 major sales which take place on Flipkart in Sep-Oct. These are the Flipkart big billion days.

This is also the time near Diwali and Dusshera and thus there are many exciting offers in store for customers in the big billion sales.

These are the dates of the sales specific category vice:

  • 29th Sep – 2nd October: Amazing Discounts on all Lifestyle Products, TV’s & Appliances

Well, the race to shop till you drop is on Flipkart. These are the best days of the year to shop on Flipkart. You will get awesome discounts on lifestyle products, appliances, and TV. Thus if you have been waiting for a long time to go for that big screen TV but couldn’t afford it then this is the time to go for it as it will surely be on discount.

Also, it will be a field day for all housewives as they can have a ball buying kitchen appliances like mixers, juicers, microwave and more then they can try their hands on all the new recipes they have been longing to try to make.

There will be a genuine sale on all these products and the Flipkart offer is true to its name. You will save a lot and you have great discounts and also no-cost EMI option through which you can pay through your debit or credit card and also get an additional discount on that.

  • 30th September: Buy the Most –loved Mobiles at Mind Blowing Prices

This is your chance to grab hold of that dream mobile you always dreamt of but were not able to afford. This Flipkart offer is genuine and you can get your mobile for an unbelievable price. Add to that there are extra discounts and cash backs too.

You can also exchange your old mobile and get a great discount on your new mobile.

If you have been waiting for the mobile prices to drop then this is your chance and you should not miss it for anything as this is a genuine Flipkart offer and mobiles will be available with a never before discounted price tag.

So don’t hold back and splurge on your dream mobile and for sure you will not regret your decision.

  • 30th Sep to 2nd October: Get BIG Savings on Electronics & Computers

On these special days, you get big savings on electronics and computers as well. You can buy that dream laptop or MacBook as almost all laptops have discounts on them and you can realize your dream by buying a great laptop for a discounted prices also with the facility of EMI and cash backs and not to mention exchange offers and an additional discount on card payments on selected banks.
Today computers have become an integral part of our lives and we cannot but survive without them. Also, another reality is that technology is improving and growing by the day and thus even the newest technology trends to get outdated pretty soon and thus it makes sense to update your laptop regularly.

Thus on this special sale day, you can go for a new laptop and also exchange your old laptop for a fair discount. You will get the benefit of the latest technology and also get a great deal as saving as the laptops will on discount on these days of festivities.

  • 1st Oct, 2nd Oct and 3rd October: Get BIG Savings on All Categories

These are the days when there will be discounts on almost all products in all categories. Be it consumer durables, electronics, accessories, gadgets or mobile. You name it and there is a discount on it and thus this is the best time to shop till you drop.

On these days you will get special discounts and great offers and deals where you have no cost EMI and also attractive discounts on almost all the products.

These days should certainly not missed as these are the best days to shop in the entire year and the mood of the country is also festive and thus you can buy anything and everything from dry fruits to appliances on great and massive discounts.

You should not miss these days for anything as these days you can have a ball shopping and saving as much as you shop. The best part is that all the products are at their lowest prices and there are exchange offers as well.


Thus as we can see that the Flipkart offer and Flipkart sale are truly genuine and you get the best quality products at the best prices. There is a huge range of products which are on discount and you will be spoilt for choice.

Be it televisions or mobiles or appliances or apparel, there is an extensive variety of products of all types, quality, and range. You will have a ball shopping as almost all the products will be on discount during the duration of the Flipkart offer and sale.

Thus it makes sense to wait for this time of the year so that you can get the benefit of the best discounts and greatly reduced prices.

Come the festive season everybody celebrates by buying products for the house and for themselves. The festive fervor and the electric atmosphere calls for spending and splurging money. But why should you waste money when you can buy great products at great prices on Flipkart.

You can also take advantage of the no-cost EMI option which is offered by many major banks and you will also get the advantage of on spot discount and cashback by purchasing from a debit card or a credit card. Thus the overall savings will be massive and you will end up saving almost 30 to 40 percent effective. Also as you use the EMI option thus the purchase will not make a hole in your pocket and you can pay the EMI monthly which is easy and also very practical and comfortable.

You can also avail of the exchange offers where you can exchange your old and used laptops, mobiles, and appliances with new ones and get great discounts on the exchange as well. Technology is moving so fast that every few months there is an advancement in technology and thus to stay with the times you need to purchase new and latest gadgets so that they don’t get outdated. Thus with the exchange offer, you get a dual benefit.

First of all, you get rid of the old gadget and also get a discount and thus your cost of the acquisition comes down and you are able to enjoy a new gadget with the latest technology and thus also de-clutter your home or office.

Also on these special days, there will be major flat discounts on many products from various categories and thus you can also enjoy flat 30, 40 and up to 50 percent discounts on certain gadgets and accessories. This will ensure that you get the best and lowest price in the online market place and also that you can shop more too.

Also, there are chances of winning gifts regularly and also the highest spenders stand a chance of winning a holiday package and other gifts too.

Thus if you planning to buy anything for yourself, your family, your house or for your friends then Flipkart offer is the best for you and you will save a lot while getting the best quality products at the lowest cost and also get the benefit of special never before offers which will indeed help you save money and get an amazing bargain and that too without bargaining at all.

Published on: Aug 20, 2019