Tips To Choose The Right Couch For Your Space

The couch or the sofa is more than just seating furniture; it is one of the most essential elements in a room.

Tips To Choose The Right Couch For Your Space

The couch or the sofa is more than just seating furniture; it is one of the most essential elements in a room. It is the centrepiece of a living room and a crown jewel that can make or break the aesthetics of the entire space. With the couch playing such an important part, choosing the right one becomes pertinent. It goes beyond just choosing your favourite colour and fabric. There are many other factors to consider when you are shopping for a sofa couch online. Read below some of the things to consider while choosing your next couch.


Choose the Right Size

One of the major factors to take into consideration when choosing a new sofa is the size. It goes not just for the sofa but all furniture as there is no use in buying something that does not fit. Use a tape to measure out the area on the floor to get the exact dimension of the space available. 

  • If you are upgrading from a smaller one to a more chunky one then consider placing some cardboards to determine how much space the new couch that you plan to buy takes up. 
  • Many people buy a larger sofa to optimize their comfort in the given space, but instead of adding comfort, it causes inconvenience as they may have to squeeze around the sofa.
  • Also, do not buy a couch that is too small as that makes it look insignificant in the living room.
  • If you are thinking of purchasing a sectional with a chaise then it should not be longer than the hallway.
  • A general rule is that there should be at least 18 ‘’ on either side of the sofa and should be proportional to the rest of the furniture. 


The Shape of the Living Room

The shape of the living room varies and not all are the same. If you have a renovated living room there could be a possibility of having pillars that get in the way. But mostly the newer ones will have an open floor plan and is well-planned and hence easy to furnish. So it is essential to find a couch that fits the shape of your living room. Consider the below:

  • A sectional sofa works well for those spaces with an open floor and gives a definition to the room by dividing the living room and dining room. 
  • It should not block the shelves, windows, or other features of the living room. 
  • The sofa should not protrude out of the walls.


Couch Fabric

The fabric is not something that people think of when shopping for a sofa. But when you are browsing you will see that there is a wide range of fabric choices that knowing at least the basics helps in making informed decisions. 

  • Natural fabrics: These are made from cotton and linen in combination with wool and silk. Though these are durable they can easily be damaged due to moisture and sunlight. 
  • Synthetic fabrics: These are petroleum products from which the chemicals are removed and the strands are woven to make a fabric. The polyester fabrics which are blended with the natural ones are the most popular types of sofa fabrics. They are durable, stain-resistant, and do not get damaged easily. Look for a Fabric sofa set online to get many styles, colours, and options. 
  • Leather: This is made from animal hide and hence considered a luxury fabric. These are attractive, durable but expensive. Many people do not buy a leather sofa as it is environmentally not sustainable and for moral reasons. 

Among the three types of fabrics, the polyester fabrics texture is the best as they are comfortable to sit on and can also make for beautiful designs. Checkout Wakefit for polyester fabric sofas. 


Choose the Right Comfort

The interior of the sofa is as important as the exterior. When it comes to choosing the right comfort there is no thumb rule. 

  • Cushions made of foam offer comfort and retain their shape for a longer time. 
  • If you like a sofa that offers support go for a firmer cushion or if you like the sinking feeling then go for couches with deep and shallow seats. 
  • The other aspect to check is the seat’s back. The back cushion should provide proper support so that one can sit comfortably without any back pain. 


Purpose of the Couch

When deciding on the type of sofa to buy, you should consider the intended use and the place where you are placing it. If you are a person with lots of visitors then a sectional sofa with additional seating is a perfect choice provided you have space. But on the other hand, if you like the idea of placing the sofa in a corner in your study room to read a book, a recliner is a better choice. A 3 seater sofa is also a good choice if you do not have enough space in the room. 


Choose the Right Quality

When buying a sofa look for one which is made of high-quality materials. There are many places where you get budget sofas but are not durable. Also when shopping for a couch do not rush or compromise on your preferences as sooner or later you are bound to regret it! Look for a sofa that is made of the right fabric and foam and the frame should be made of good quality hardwood for it to be durable. Test the arms of the couch so that they are tight and there is no sign of wobble. 


Test it

If you are shopping offline then you are sure to try it by sitting on it as you would do at your home. If you have the habit of lying on the sofa do that too in the showroom. Determine its support, comfort, and quality before making a decision on buying it. On the other hand, if you are buying online checkout the return policies and also reviews of other customers before buying it. These days many online manufacturers have experience centres where you can try out the products before purchase, a lookup that too! 


Finding the right couch that perfectly fits your living room which is made of high-quality fabric, offers optimal comfort and support to meet your style expectations, and the one that is correctly priced is not easy. But with a little effort spent on comparing sofa couch online and by following the above tips you can find the perfect centrepiece sofa. 

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