Apr 22, 2020
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Today in this globalized world frequent traveling has become a regular part of life. Be it business travel or travel for leisure, more and more people are traveling today more than ever before.

Travelling provides a much-needed break from the regular busy and mundane life and it also refreshes the mind and the body. Thus traveling for leisure is something that every family is engaging in today.

Also because of globalization, the world has become one big marketplace and most professionals are continuously traveling on business.

Now, when you travel you are also taking a risk. Anything can happen. The trip can get canceled, there might be an accident, an illness might surface or your valuables and baggage might get lost or stolen. Thus it becomes imperative to go for travel insurance as travel insurance insures you against these mishaps.


Travel insurance is a special kind of insurance for travelers which includes individuals and groups, where the insurance guards the traveler with protection which is specific to travel. This may include:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Medical Insurance
  3. Luggage insurance
  4. Accident Insurance
  5. Document Insurance and more.

Travel insurance ensures that you are safe when you are traveling and it covers all the assets including your life while you are traveling.

It makes complete sense in going for travel insurance as anything can happen on a trip and when you are not accustomed to a new place then you need support and protection from mishaps and accidents or loss of valuables.


Today with globalization and competitive fares the world has become one big country. It has literally become a global village. More and more people are traveling today than ever before, be it for personal or professional reasons.

When you are traveling you are susceptible to many dangers and risks which you might not anticipate but which might just crop up.

You can lose your passport or visa. You can meet with an accident and you can also lose your baggage and valuables. Thus you need to safeguard yourself from these unforeseen calamities so that you are never left in a lurch.

Travel insurance helps you in many ways. With travel insurance, you get physical and financial support and also valid reimbursements.

Travel insurance secures you on your travel and if there is any calamity then the insurer comes to your rescue quickly and fast.

Today there are many risks while traveling and you cannot avoid all the risks but you can insure yourself and your loved ones by taking travel insurance.

As they say ‘precaution is better than cure’ this is exactly what travel insurance does. It provides security and support which is critical if you are in a difficult situation.

Thus it becomes imperative to take travel insurance whenever you travel internationally or domestically as with a small fee you can safeguard yourself and your assets.



This is critical insurance and it ensures you from flight cancellations and delays and even hotel booking cancellations. Trip insurance helps you by ensuring your trip and all the traveling and boarding and lodging.

It makes complete sense to go with trip insurance as you are not burdened with extra expenses and the insurer secures you from unforeseen losses and calamities.


With this kind of insurance, all your luggage and valuables are protected and every part of your luggage from your passport to jewelry is all covered.

There are times like when you are traveling for a destination wedding abroad and you need to carry valuables and jewelry and this insurance covers all of it.
Carrying expensive gadgets and jewelry is always a risk and luggage insurance helps you protect it and reimburse it in case of theft or loss during the travel

Some insurance providers also provide travel assistance which helps in calamities and emergencies.


There are many possibilities of mishaps during travel. You can meet with an accident.  You might lose your medicines or you can suffer a heart attack.

These possibilities are not to scare you. These are things that really happen and medical insurance helps you in these kinds of unforeseen situations.

All injuries from major to minor are covered under medical insurance and it makes complete sense to go for it as medical assistance abroad especially in developed countries is very expensive and you do need to have an insurer pay up for the medical costs.


There are very many benefits that different types of travel insurers provide. Here is a comprehensive list of all the things covered under this insurance which you might not be aware of:

  • You will get relief benefit in case of plane hijack
  • You will be compensated for the loss of your driving license
  • Cancellation of the trip will not lead to a loss to you
  • Daily cash assistance will be provided in case of medical hospitalization
  • Medical treatment will be covered
  • All accidents will be covered
  • Cash assistance will be provided in case of Financial assistance need
  • Assistance in case of Passport loss
  • Immediate help in case of loss of baggage or delay in check-in
  • Right to repatriation in case of deceased


If you are a frequent traveler or if you are traveling for leisure or business then you should definitely go for travel insurance. With a small cost, you get fantastic benefits and you get help when you actually need it.

Travel insurance will make sure that you and your family and your valuables are secure and safe and financial, diplomatic and physical help reaches you when you need it the most.

So go with a good insurer and do ensure your travel and trip so that you can enjoy while you are away and you stay safe and secure while relaxing and enjoying your vacation.

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