Apr 22, 2020
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Watching videos has become the latest online craze today. Blogs are outdated and very few people even visit websites. Today everyone prefers videos to written words as they are life and more engaging.

We all visit YouTube almost daily and this is a fact. Thus YouTube has become the website that is engaging more and more people on the net.

Facebook is also a hugely popular site and is trying to emulate the success of YouTube to get ahead of the competition.

Thousands of netizens across the world are earning loads and loads of money on YouTube. Facebook also wants to give its users the same advantage so that they shift base from YouTube to Facebook.

To capture the video monetization aspect of the online business Facebook is also introducing new ways to help users monetize their videos on Facebook.


Facebook has introduced Ads Break and Brands Collab Manager to help online users in India to monetize their videos on Facebook.

As far as visitors and subscribers are concerned there is neck to neck competition between YouTube and Facebook with Facebook reaching 220 million MAU’s while YouTube is reaching 250 million MAU’s.

Ad breaks are short ads before the video commencers. They help the uploaders of the videos earn revenue from their video the moment the ad is shown to the viewer.

The more the views the more the money earnt by the video creator and uploader. This will also motivate users to create good quality and engaging content so that more and more users become hooked on to the page.


This turns out to be a win-win situation for both the tech giants and video creators as the sites get revenue from ads. Also, a percentage of it is passed on to the video creators and uploaders.

With more and more users preferring videos to the written word there a lot of untapped potentials that can be realized through new strategies and approaches. Thus video definitely has an edge over the written word.

No longer do users want to read. Today they want to see a video as that is quicker and easy to understand. The mind thinks in pictures and there is an instant connection with the viewer.

Through Ad breaks, advertisers get the benefit of hosting ads on popular and much-liked videos thus reaching millions of users. The video creators and uploaders get the benefit of earning revenue. Also not to mention that companies like YouTube also earn a lot of revenue from ads and pass down a percentage to the creators of the videos.

Today if you are smart and understand the online world then you can easily upload good quality videos and earn from them. This way you don’t waste time online and are able to make a fortune just uploading new and novel videos on popular topics on YouTube and Facebook. The trend is catching up and the number of video bloggers and video uploaders is multiplying by the day.


Ad Breaks are a fantastic tool to monetize for uploaders and starting December they will be available for eligible partners in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, and English. This will help the video creators to easily monetize from the videos and steadily shift from only YouTube to Facebook as well.

Also another tool the Brands Collab Manager will be available for partners and will help brands find creators to collaborate with for branded content opportunities on Facebook. This feature will be available from 2019 onwards.

In the last few years, Facebook has become one of the most preferred mediums for users watching videos. More and more Facebook users are watching videos on Facebook and thus the company and social platform feel that this is the right time to start helping video creators to monetize their videos on Facebook. This they are doing so that they can also use Facebook along with YouTube to share quality videos and also earn from them.

The market for videos is huge in India with more and more users shifting from blogs to vlogs and from articles to videos. Thus Facebook feels this is the right time to up the ante and provide a fantastic platform for videos where the users can learn and earn.

There are certain guidelines for content creators for becoming eligible for ad breaks and they are:

  • Only long videos of more than 3 minutes are eligible
  • There have to be 30,000-minute views on the videos in the last 60 days
  • The videos should be published through a page that has at least 10000 followers.

If all these requirements are met then the video creators will easily be able to convert their time on Facebook into money. Thus earn thousands every month with their videos.

In a sense, Facebook is upping the ante and will definitely give stiff competition to YouTube if this strategy and plan of action work out. Millions of Facebook users spend hours on the social platform daily and are all looking for good quality content and videos which can entertain and educate. And once monetization sets in the competition will become steeper and uploaders will improve the quality of their videos.


According to a Zenith report, the average time spent by Indians watching videos on Facebook is 52 minutes which is up from the 2 minutes six years ago. This growing trend is proof that the number of time spent by users on Facebook in India is only going to increase in the coming years. Looking at this fact the company is leaving no stone unturned to see to it that they help vloggers and video creators earn good money from Facebook just like they do on YouTube.

This move will only intensify the competition between the two hugely popular sites. It will definitely benefit all as it will mean more ad revenue for the platforms and earnings for the uploaders and also quality content for the users of these platforms.

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