Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing has come a long way and today it becomes very difficult to run a digital marketing campaign without using AI software. Today many excellent AI software are available which help you improve the customer experience,



Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing has come a long way and today it becomes very difficult to run a digital marketing campaign without using AI software. Today many excellent AI software are available which help you improve the customer experience, narrow down on the Target audience, understand the user response to content and ads and also help you in carrying on conversations and chats with the customers.

AI has come a long way in Digital Marketing and has a long way to go. These AI tools are definitely the future of Digital Marketing.

Here are some Artificial Intelligence-powered Marketing tools:

  • Acrolinx

    In a world where content is king, it is critical that the content is up to date and current and useful. Content-driven marketing has really caught up and has become a big marketing business today. Thus there is a need for an AI tool that can read and comprehend the content and guide writers as to how to make their content more useful, relevant, and up to date. Users should find content useful and relevant and only then will they engage their time in reading and giving time to the content

Acrolinx which is developed and built on an advanced linguistic analytical engine reads all the content and then it guides the content writers to correct, improve and update their content, thus making the content better and more relevant.

  • Atomic Reach

    this AI tool is also very useful for digital marketers and is extensively used in digital marketing. With the help of this tool, marketers can get a deep insight into what makes content work and perform and how to make it better. Today it is the world of content-driven marketing and the best, least expensive, and effective way of Digital Marketing is to create unique and remarkable content.

Its pretty simple. If they like your content they will go for your product and Atomic Reach helps you make your content perfect.

  • Automat

    In today’s customer-centered professional culture you have to take care of the needs and wants of every customer if you want to succeed. Automat is a machine learning technology that helps in delivering personalized messaging experiences to customers individually. It can be birthdays and anniversaries or any other important landmark, this software will deliver a personalized message to the customer which will make the customer feel special and he will thus become loyal to your brand.

This software also optimizes conversions for increasing the client base and multiplying business. Good productive customer interaction is the backbone of digital marketing and by delivering personalized emails to customers this software lets them know that you really care for them.

  • Bloomreach

    This is a fantastic AI software used in digital marketing and is a platform where businesses can personalize, analyze, build, extend, and optimize the digital experience they are offering to customers across all channels.

Companies and especially startups don’t want to waste their funds and that is why it is critical to know which digital marketing strategy is working well and which is not. This helps them to narrow down and target the customers through channels that come out to be cost-effective and which bring business. In short, this software helps expand the business and digital marketing endeavors but also gives direction to the marketing endeavors after analyzing which marketing medium is performing the best.

  • CaliberMind

    All businesses want to expand and the best way to expand is to provide customer delight to existing customers and at the same time use digital marketing techniques which help in expanding the business. CaliberMind is software that interconnects, activates, and unlocks data so that businesses can acquire new buyers, expand their business, and also provide a fantastic customer experience to their clients. In short, this AI digital marketing tool helps in using all the data available to interconnect information and give out an understanding as to which marketing efforts are best and which can be done away with.


    Consumer psychology has come a long way, from subliminal ads to celebrities endorsing ads. Today there are AI tools that help you analyze consumer behavior towards your content and marketing efforts and help you in creating marketing content that is effective and productive. CONCURED helps businesses by using AI in digital marketing to understand and decode customer behavior so as to make the marketing exercise more targeted, productive, and cost-effective. This AI tool helps in understanding the people's mindset and how they are reacting to your content and once you know what they are interested in and what they want it becomes very easy to tailor your content according to their needs, wants, demands and likings so as to maximize business and multiply profits.


    Today the entire world is online. From teenagers to big businesses everyone is on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. This presents a great opportunity for businesses and marketers. SMO or social media optimization has come a long way and today social media advertising has become big business. CORTEX is a social media content and ads optimization platform which helps businesses and marketers to increase traffic and customers and also improve on post engagement. This software improves on content, aids intelligent scheduling of ads, helps track competitors and increases traffic and business

  • Drift

    Nowadays almost every business website has an online chat facility and it is a very effective tool of turning a conversation into a conversion. People many times prefer online chatting to talk over the phone as it is anonymous and also you can withdraw any moment you like. DRIFT is a conversation-based marketing platform that connects the business with the most potential leads in real-time. With the help of DRIFT, you can turn a conversation into a conversion and increase and multiply your business.

AI has come a long way in digital marketing and has a long way to go. With the help of these AI software and platforms companies can minimize expenditure and maximize cost. They are also able to reach out to a larger audience and preempt their buying decisions. Thus it makes complete sense to use these AI tools if you are a Digital Marketer or a Business that wants to expand and grow. AI-based digital marketing is definitely the future of online marketing.

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